Team ITC One Colombo One creates new milestone in Sri Lanka


by S Venkat Narayan
Our Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI, August 12:

Team ‘ITC One Colombo One’ created a new milestone in Sri Lanka by completing the single largest continuous concrete pour (6,186 cu.m) surpassing the previous highest pour of 5,050 cu.m for the Lotus Tower in Colombo.

This is the largest concrete pour done in the foundation raft of any Residential Tower. The total pour was planned, executed and completed by M/s International Construction Consortium (Private) Limited (ICC), a leading Sri Lankan construction company, under the guidance of Indian construction giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in Colombo.

The concreting was done 24x7 for a continuous duration of 72 hours and completed at 5 am last Monday (August 7). The entire raft was executed at a depth of 20 metres between two large waterbodies: the Indian Ocean and the Beira Lake.

Reinforcement: 1,260MT (12 layers of 40 mm diameter in the bottom mat); Concrete: 6,186cu.m (1,850 sq.m and 3.5 m deep); Couplers: 7,282; Waterproofing: 2,450 sq.m.

The special concrete mix was of C50 grade and the proportion of the ingredients were specially designed by L&T’s Concrete Technology team at its Chennai Headquarters after thorough analysis of the local materials over a period of one month to satisfy the strength, durability and temperature requirements with 40% fly ash content.

The mix was designed for a maximum concrete temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and gradient of 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature at pouring was maintained at 28 deg C to 32 deg C using 33 thermocouples at 13 locations across the pour.

It was the first mix of this kind and proportion of ingredients to be used in Sri Lanka and represents an advancement in concreting knowledge in Sri Lanka. The Civil Engineering fraternity in Sri Lanka has appreciated the mix proportion and methodologies used.

Resources deployed and production parameters are: four Ready Mix Concrete plants; 86 Transit Mixers; five Concrete Boom placers plus one Static Concrete pump; Average rate maintained 80 cu/m / hr to 120 cu.m / hr; Maximum Achieved 210 cu.m / hr.

Forty five stewards were engaged to control traffic in the busy streets of Colombo from the RMC plants to Project site.

At the project site, a clear traffic management system was established to divert the trucks to pump cars after recording at three locations.

Safety was given highest priority with signal men engaged in all key locations. Workers, Drivers, helpers were given continuous drinking water and refreshments by the subcontractor to cope with the intense humid conditions.

Full enforcement of Personal Protection Equipment mandates, Tool Box Talks and Work permits were the among the various safety precautions that were diligently followed.

The Government Labour officer also visited the site during the pour and expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements made.

Welcomehotels Lanka’s Managing Director Arun Pathak told the Sunday Island: "Welcomehotels Lanka (Private) Limited (WLPL) along with Larsen & Toubro remain committed to delivering world class excellence in Sri Lanka together with Sri Lankans."

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