Three arrested for money counting machine fraud

By Pradeep Prasanna Samarakoon

Kirulapona police have arrested three employees of a company in connection with a racket involving the sale of money-counting machines given for repairs.

Kirulapona police arrested a storekeeper and two other employees of a private institution at Kirilapona. Their modus operandi had been to accept for repairs electric money-counting machines from state and private banks and sell them to other institutions at high prices. The racket involves an indication to the money-counting machine owners that new machines would be given to them in place of their machines given for repairs.

A senior police officer said that the three employees were from an institution at the Purvarama Road in Kirulapone supplying money-counting machines as well as repairing them. The institution concerned had been offering its services to banks and related institutions island-wide including the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, he said.

The senior police officer said that the suspects were residents of Boralesgamuwa and Kalutara.

A money-counting machine the Kirulapone institution had supplied to a prestigious private bank in Kottawa had gone out of commission due to a technical fault.

Thereupon, the bank officers returned the machine to the Kirulapone institution for repairs. The three suspects obtained a new machine from their employer institution on behalf of the machine given for repairs. Subsequently, the suspects repaired the machine of the Kottawa bank and sold the new machine to a Delkanda private institution for Rs. 195,000, the senior police officer says.

The new machine obtained from the Kirulapone institution and the money deposited in a bank by selling it had been recovered,

It has been revealed that the suspects had earlier sold about three money-counting machines that their employer institution provided for State and private banks.

SIs Pradeep Ediriweera and Wijesinghe, PS Prasanna (49318), PCs Jayatilleke (38025), Aruna (78686), Chandika (30574) are conducting further investigation about this directed by OIC Crime Division, Kirulapone police SI K.G.M. Kariyawasam on the instructions of OIC Kirulapone police Chief IP Upul Samarasinghe.

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