‘Waiting For You’ : British-born Sumudu Jayatilaka releases her maiden music album


By Sujeeva Nivunhella in London

British born Ms Sumudu Jayatilaka released her maiden music album "Waiting For You" in London recently. ‘Music has been close to my heart from an early age. There was always music in the house and there are tapes of me singing and sometimes even harmonizing when I was just three or four years old. Music came quite naturally to me and I've been singing and performing for as long as I can remember", she recalled.

She said that she played a few musical instruments. "I started with piano lessons and then the school offered lessons on the recorder and violin. I also learned to play the accordion, guitar and flute. I am always learning to play musical instruments and I really can't it!" 

Asked how she performed at the Millennium festival in the presence of the Queen, she replied: "I was asked to go to London to sing for the Conductor Paul Daniel. He asked me to sight-sing the piece I was to perform at the event which was especially written for it by the composer John Tavener. It was an honour to be chosen for such a momentous occasion. I shall remember this as long as I live". 

Ms. Jayatilaka, who is of Sri Lankan origin, said her family was very supportive of her singing career. They gave her a lot of encouragement.

On her maiden album she said, "I was lucky to make my debut album with Kipper, a Grammy Award Winning Producer who has worked with many of my idols such as Stevie Wonder, James Taylor and Sting. It was an incredible experience to work with someone who has that kind of musical background and to have them believe in you is a great encouragement. I'm really excited about the album which is released through my website www.sumudu.com".

"I wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the songs on the album. I chose the Beatles cover because I am a huge Beatles fan and I thought it had exactly the right feel for the whole album making process. The Beatles played most of the instruments on their albums and also did all the writing and arranging by themselves. That's exactly what I hope to achieve with my album. I did all the writing, arranging, backing vocals and string arrangements as well as playing many of the instruments too. It was great to have such an intensively creative process", she enthused.

 Asked about her future plans, she said "What are your future plans? "I am really looking forward to playing live around the UK and at the summer festivals 2011. I also have a monthly residency starting March 31 at The Troubadour in London".

What is your advise to young girls and boys who want to become musicians?

If you're passionate and you love it, then you will do it anyway. Just have confidence and do what feels right to you because at the end of it all, you are the one who has to defend your decisions and live with it.

How many times have you gone to Sri Lanka and when was your last visit?

I have been to Sri Lanka many times and I can't wait to go back. I have lot of family over there and I miss them very much. Sri Lanka holds a very special place in my heart. I feel better each time I go there and (as with music) I am addicted and will definitely be back!

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