Tri-forces, police, CDF didn’t commit war crimes – Sajith


President Maithripala Sirisena gives a deed instrument to a beneficiary a ceremony held at Dimbulagala in Polonnaruwa to hand over the Sandaresgama to people

None of the members of tri-forces, police or civil defence force had committed any war crimes, Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa said on Saturday.

Addressing a ceremony at Dimbulagala in Polonnaruwa to hand over the Sandaresgama to people, the Minister said: "There are various versions of the Geneva Human Rights conference of this year. Some claim our war heroes committed war crimes. None of them committed any such crimes. It was the LTTE that committed war crimes. The security forces ended a three-decade-long war and paved the way for the dawn of peace. It is the LTTE members who should be brought before international courts on war crimes and not the war heroes who fought for the liberation of motherland. The yahapalana government would not permit anyone to lay their hands on our war heroes.

"Some sections of the opposition shout that war heroes were being hauled up before war crime tribunals and they would be sentenced to the electric chair. They are shedding crocodile tears and their objective is not to save the war heroes, but to win some votes to come back to power. If they have any love for the war heroes how can they explain why they didn’t confirm in service about 40,000 civil defence force members? Why didn’t they give those personnel pension benefits? It was President Maithripala Sirisena who took action to give the CDF members permanent appointments enabling them to obtain pensions. "We are not cardboard patriots. We love our motherland and are ready to die for its preservation.

"The yahapalana government is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of war heroes."

Sandaresgama at Meewathpura, Dimbulagala in the Polonnaruwa District is the 40th model village vested with the public under the New Village Reawakening Programme. This village was inaugurated by President Maithripala Sirisena on the invitation of Minister Premadasa.

The construction activities of this village consisting of 34 new housing units begun on July 15. The National Housing Development Authority has given housing loans at low interest to the beneficiaries and it is also a village constructed under the Community Participatory Housing Development Programme.

Every block of land in this village has an area of 20 perches. the village has been provided with clean water, electricity, formally constructed access and an internal road system. The total sum spent for the village was Rs. 35.7 Million.

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