Laugfs Lubricants’ new blend offers a solution to fisheries community


In a bid to provide advanced technological support to the fisheries community, LAUGFS Lubricants introduced its latest oil blend, LAUGFS Power Outboard 3 oil, specifically designed for all water cooled high performance two stroke marine outboard engines including the latest designs under warranty protection.

This TCW3 (two-stroke engine) oil is produced with a blend of highly refined mineral base oil and an ashless additive system which provides combustion efficiency, protection against power loss and bearing wear as well as piston scuffing. TCW3 lubricants such as LAUGFS Power Outboard3 oil provide increased efficiency and protection to two-stroke marine engines while reducing emission.

Commenting on the new product, LAUGFS Lubricants General Manager - Sales, Jayashantha Thotahewage said, "In 2016, the automotive and industrial lubricant sector in Sri Lanka grew by 11.4%, which bodes well for the industry. We will leverage on this positive trend by providing high quality lubricants at an affordable rate. I believe that we are well on our way to become the leader in the country’s Lubricants industry. The introduction of LAUGFS Power Outboard3 oil is yet another step in this direction".

TCW3 lubricants reduce the mixture ratio to fuel while extending the life of the engine enabling fisheries industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This advanced technology offers a plethora of benefits to consumers, specifically the Fisheries Sector in Sri Lanka.

Fisheries Sector in Sri Lanka account for 1.8 percent of GDP. This sector is an important socio-cultural occupation for the coastal population of Sri Lanka. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, marine and inland fishing is the main source of income for approximately over 270,000 fishermen in the country. Around 1 million family members of the fishing community depend on fishing and related activities. Efficiency and long-lasting lifetime of fishing boats are of the utmost importance to this Sector to increase profitability through cost reduction.

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