Govt. plans to extend ‘Amity Schools’ concept


By Jehan Haniff

The government is now planning to extend the "Amity Schools" concept, commencing from "Year One", as another gigantic medium to a long-term move in supporting national reconciliation amongst communities.

The first purpose-built "Amity School" is planned to be constructed in the Colombo district and State Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation, A. H. M. Fowzie supported by Chandrika Kumaranatunga, Chairperson of Office for National Unity and Reconciliation has already requested Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to provide a land for this project.

Living amicably with all communities is something that must be cultivated from a tender age, and hence this project from Year One, Fowzie told "The Island" on Monday (September 11).

"From January, next year, it has been planned to have Amity Schools in other selected districts too," he pointed out.

In 2001, the then President Chandrika Kumaranatunga commenced the "Amity Schools" concept for Year Six students and English medium teaching was done only for Maths, Environment Science and Health Science for interested students.

Fowzie explained that in the new extended concept, teaching would be done in the English medium and this would provide opportunities for children of different ethnic groups to learn and play together in the same classroom, and school, from Year One.

There are some critical areas, like training of teachers and availability of necessary school text books that need to be addressed. "We are working hard on getting all these in order before the start of the first Amity School," the State Minister added.

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