GMOA accuses Health Ministry of meddling with appointment list

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) yesterday alleged that the Health Minister’s staff and the Health Ministry’s Director Medical Services were bent on preventing the publication of an amended post internship appointment list.

 In a letter addressed to Health Secretary Janaka Sugathadasa, GMOA Secretary Dr Haritha Aluthge has alleged that some ministry officials are all out to sabotage the appointment list.

 The letter copied to the President, Premier, Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), the Deputy Director General Medical Services (DDGMS) – II and all GMOA branches, Dr Aluthge has said his union submitted its observations on the list which had initially been published on the Health Ministry’s website, on Monday (02). 

Dr Aluthge said that, as a result, the list on the website had been suspended and the transfer board comprising DDGMS- II, Dr Amal Harsha de Silva, officials of the Ministry and GMOA representatives had met on Tuesday (03) to rectify the discrepancies. "However, there are certain officials in the Health Ministry bent on disrupting the process," he alleged.

 Dr Aluthge said the situation had been aggravated by a press release issued the Health Ministry’s media unit, implying that it was from the Ministry Secretary’s desk, that the GMOA had failed to hand in its observations even by Wednesday (04). According to the release the Ministry would have to republish the former list which had been suspended as a result.

 The GMOA warned it would resort to a strike if the Health Ministry republished its post internship appointment list instead of the one amended and prepared with the concurrence of the GMOA and Ministry officials.

A written complaint on this issue has been made to the Public Service Commission. An investigation should be carried out to find out how the list had been published on social media even before it was put up on the Ministry’s website, the GMOA said.

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