Singer Sri Lanka launches Singer GEO Smart refrigerators


Singer Sri Lanka PLC has launched the Singer GEO Smart, one of the most intelligent and energy efficient refrigerators in Asia.

The Singer GEO Smart is a technologically advanced upgrade of the highly-successful Singer GEO refrigerator introduced back in 2013. The Singer GEO Smart comes with R600a refrigerant that is 100% eco-friendly and provides up to 50% increase in power efficiency. Copper tubing guarantees lifetime durability and low maintenance while its LED lighting is ultra-bright, long lasting and saves energy. Manufactured locally at the Regnis factory, the Singer GEO Smart is available at all Singer outlets islandwide and comes with a 10-year Singer Warranty for the compressor. It is available in 6 models that includes Inverter, No Frost and Direct Cool options with the largest size being 230L capacity.

The Singer GEO Smart provides smart technology through a host of intelligent features that keeps food fresh for longer and also guarantees the highest levels of energy efficiency in a refrigerator. These smart features include Ambient Temperature, Power Fluctuation and Load Detectors, Door Sentry and Dual Temperature Control. Ambient Temperature Detector feature allows the refrigerator to gauge the outside room temperature in order to adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator. The Power Fluctuation Detector identifies any fluctuations in the power and allows the compressor to operate from 175V to 255V. If the power goes beyond 250V the power guard will ensure that the power is cut off and no damage is done to the compressor. The Load Detector feature adjusts the temperature based on the contents inside the refrigerator while the Door Sentry can identify how many times the door is opened and make necessary temperature adjustments accordingly. At all times, the top and bottom temperatures are monitored and adjusted through the Dual Temperature Control sensor system.

The Singer GEO range became the first to adopt R600a gas technology in Sri Lanka back in 2013. R600a gas is a 100% environmentally-friendly substitute for the HFC refrigerants that contribute heavily to the depletion of the Ozone Layer and increase global warming. Although the use of R600a gas becomes compulsory only in the year 2040 under the Montreal Protocol, Singer has met this requirement more than two decades ahead by taking firm steps to promote R600a gas refrigerators in Sri Lanka. While all marketing communications were targeted to promote the benefits and importance of R600a refrigerators, the company also halted the sale of R134a gas refrigerators and completely switched over to R600a refrigerators.

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