PTL had some CB men on its payroll


Thilina Salgado

By Shyam Nuwan Ganewatte and Sarath Dharmasena

Chief Dealer of now suspended Perpetual Treasuries Ltd Nuwan Salgado testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry, probing alleged bond scams yesterday, said that the company had paid a whopping Rs. 94 million to those who provided PTL with inside information of the companies which employed them.

The payments had been made on 18 occasions he told the Commission.

Answering a question raised by Commission member Justice Prasanna Jayawardena, Salgado said in 2014 those payments had been made during the tenure of Nivard Cabraal as Governor of the Central Bank.

When Justice Jayawardena asked whether payments had continued in the same manner in 2015, Salgado answered in the affirmative. He added that the person whose pseuedonim was Charlie had been paid a very high amount.

Salgado admitted that his employer had made handsome payments to the officials attached to the Central Bank EPF department and other institutions including the ETF for providing vital inside information which stood his company in good stead at the Central Bank treasury bond auctions.Salgado told the Commission that the payments had been made using code names such as Charlie, Car and Tango and he was responsible for updating computerised documentation.

Salgado’s evidence was led by Deputy Solicitor General Milinda Gunatillake.

Salgado told the Commission an employee attached to the Central Bank EPF Department, called Udaseelan had been given the pseuedonim Charlie. Later another employee Indika Saman Kumara had been given that code name.

He said the person who prepared the inside information was known as Charla but he didn’t know the real names of those known as Charla and Tango.

Salgado said he had acted on the instructions of CEO of the company Kasun Palisena and maintained the files containing confidential information.

Answering a question raised by Commission member Justice Prasanna Jayawardena Salgado said such payments had been made in 2014 after the Perpetual Treasuries Ltd was inaugurated and payments had been made in 2015 as well.

When Justice Jayawardena said there had been some persons providing inside information to PTL since its inception, Salgado answered in the affirmative.

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