JVP MP says people fleeing from hot water springs

By Saman Indrajith

People living close to hot water springs across the country were planning to leave their homes following a study which revealed the potential of converting the geothermal energy from the hot water springs to supplement the national grid, JVP MP Nihal Galappaththi said in Parliament yesterday.

The MP told Deputy Minister of Power and Energy Ajith P Perera: "We are not against producing energy from renewable sources. But, there are complaints from people living near the hot water wells. A study has been conducted to tap hot water wells to produce geothermal power. Following its findings, people had started moving away from those places.

Deputy Minister Perera: If there is such a potential we can tap it. Anyone can come forward with a technically sound proposal. If it is feasible to obtain electricity from geothermal sources, we are ready to purchase electricity from them at Rs 23.10 per unit. We will provide them with alternative land other facilities. But, none has come forward so far. We are ready to redress the grievances of those who may be affected. Our offices are open. They can meet me any time and I will solve their problems. There is no point in posting their complaints on Facebook. They should complain to us direct. We have so far opened tenders only to purchase electricity produced from wind and solar power.

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