Sri Lanka’s fertility rate doubles

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

Community Health Consultant and Deputy Director of the Family Health Bureau, Dr. Chithramali de Silva warns that the country’s population will exceed forty million by 2050 owing to the increase in the fertility rate.

Quoting her, the spokesman for the Health Ministry said that the fertility rate had increased from one child per family to two within a span of seven years.

He said Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena had conducted a review meeting during, where the deputy director revealed that in 1953 the fertility rate had been five children per family while in 2000 it came down to one child per family.

The spokesman said that modern family planning methods were strictly observed only in urban areas.

In the rural areas, women got married at an early age and the number of unplanned pregnancies were on the increase.

The number of sterilisation operations performed in government hospitals had decreased, the Health Ministry spokesman said.

He said that only 52.4 per cent couples in the country used permanent or temporary methods of birth control. About 14.8 percent used the ‘Depo Provera,’ injection, 8.1 per cent used birth control pills, 6.5 used the IUD insertion (loops), 5.7 per cent used condoms, 0.1 percent used implants and 17 per cent used the LRT method.

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