No attempt to retire army personnel prematurely without pension – Military Spokesman

Responding to a claim by the UNP that the government was planning to retire 60,000 officers and men, prematurely on Thursday (Feb. 3), the Army Headquarters said that the on-going programme to discharge deserters had been misconstrued.

Military spokesman Maj. Gen. Ubaya Medawela told The Island that personnel had to serve the army for 22 years to secure pension rights. Those who had deserted for various reasons couldn’t be considered for pensions, Maj. Gen. Medawela said urging deserters to take advantage of an opportunity to quit military service honorably.

He said that those who ignored the latest offer would have to undergo rehabilitation and learn some trade in case they were arrested. The army would consider taking back those who had been on leave without approval for only a few days. They would have to undergo fresh training, the Military Spokesman said. (SF)

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