Health Ministry: About 19,500 kidney patients undergoing dialysis in NCP


The Health Ministry yesterday disclosed that there were 13,000 kidney patients in Anuradhapura District, besides 6,500 in the Polonnaruwa, District receiving dialysis treatment.

Health Ministry spokesman Prasanna Adhikari said it had resulted in congestion in hospitals and shortage of facilities for patients. As a solution to the issue a Renal Care Hospital with a bed strength of 200 and another 100 beds with facilities for dialysis would be set up in the Polonnaruwa District, he said.

President Maithripala Sirisena would lay the foundation stone for its construction today (06). It is to be South Asia’s largest hospital treating patients with kidney disease. The hospital will be constructed with a Rs. 12,000 million donation from the government of China.

The Presidential Secretariat said that President Sirisena had made a special request from the Chinese Government to provide a hospital to treat patients with kidney disease. It would be set up close to the Polonnaruwa General Hospital. The President’s media said that it would house a high tech lab facility and would be capable of facilitating kidney transplant, dialysis, clinics, counseling facilities for patients.

The President’s Media also observed that kidney disease was one of the foremost non communicable diseases faced by Sri Lanka. Several programmes to treat, control and prevent renal disease were being carried out under the President’s purview.

President Sirisena set up an account to provide funds for patients with renal disease with funds he received as the common candidate for election work in 2015. It became the National Renal Care Fund with him becoming the President of the country, the Media Unit added. (DJ)

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