Arpico Mattresses extends its operations by launching the Arpico Mattress range in India


Derrick Perera – Head of Marketing (2nd from right), Lalith Wijesinghe - Director / Head of Foam Sector (3rd from right), Sanjeewa Thushara - Chief Financial Officer (4th from right), and Aruna Kumarawadu - Country Manager of the Local Manufacturing and Distribution Sector (center) of Richard Pieris and Company PLC with the Nawa Consortium Team

Arpico Mattresses, Sri Lanka’s pioneer and leader in mattress manufacturing, recently extended its operations to the international market by launching the Arpico Mattress range in India. As the preliminary step in this pursuit the product range was introduced to Southern India through the Company’s distribution partner Nawa Consortium. The launch of the mattresses took place at the Furniture Cluster Meet 2017 held in Selam, and was attended by over 300 key dealers from the Indian furniture sector.

Expressing his thoughts on the launch of Arpico Mattresses in South India, Lalith Wijesinghe, Director and Head of Foam Sector of the Richard Pieris and company PLC said, "Arpico Mattresses has always placed emphasis on the comfort and the contours of its products. The advanced technology used in the production process of Arpico mattresses and its strength of manufacturing; which the company has maintained over time, have helped augment the product quality over the years and thereby helped us achieve the success we have with the product today."

"It is with much pride that we announce the launch of Arpico mattresses in the South Indian market. Additionally, we are also happy to note that we will be expanding and strengthening the presence of the brand throughout India in the months to come," he added.

Arpitech (Pvt) Ltd, the country’s pioneering foam mattress manufacturer, offers users a variety of mattresses ranging from foam mattresses to spring and natural latex mattresses along with other products such as foam sheet, pillows and cushions. Furthermore, the mattresses are specially designed to support your body and posture with the right amount of firmness and extra comfort for a good night’s sleep.

"Overtime we have seen an increasing number of consumers who value and connect a goodnight’s rest with good health. They understand that getting quality rest has invaluable health benefits. To cater to this segment we have introduced a range of specialty mattresses such as; the Natural Latex Foam Spring Mattresses which is a 5 zone pocket spring mattress made of natural latex foam; the Pillow Top Spring Mattress with individually nested springs which ensure that partners sleep undisturbed by each other; and the Spine Rest Mattress which consists of a high density bonded layer to support your spine position perfectly, to name a few" said Country Manager for India, Aruna Kumarawaduge.

A subsidiary of Richard Pieris & Co. PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates, Arpico Mattresses was the first Sri Lankan mattress brand to earn SLS approval, together with the ISO standard certification. Over the years Arpico mattresses have grown to become synonymous with quality and comfort among Sri Lankan households across the island.

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