Education crisis?

In the setup of Sri Lankan education, the formal education commences in grade one, which is a turning point in the life of a child. It is said that Sri Lankans are granted free education from grade one until they finish their university education.

It is true that basic needs such as textbooks, furniture and buildings are provided to students. Are these facilities provided in the quality which is expected by the student population? One who visits the remote schools would understand no facility is keeping with the expected quality.

At the same time, do the authorities who administer school premises have a bit of sense of updating them at least once a year? Ironically, everything has gone to hell in terms of updating facilities in schools. Apart from physical resources,

What about the quality of education given to students? Most of the teachers and principals are not interested in teaching and covering syllabuses which is expected from them in the course of time given to them. As a result of this pathetic situation, students from grade one to higher education get education from so called tuitions. Tuitions are also in same low quality, providing nothing, but earning a good sum of money by so called tutors. The result is of students who cannot reach the expected level at the public examination endangering their valuable future. Who should bear the responsibility of this irreparable damage to the nation? If this situation is to continue, the existence of government schools is going to be questionable.



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