Destruction of former president’s official vehicles

Many actions of Governments are inscrutably stupid. But if a news report is correct, our Government has surpassed itself. A recent item revealed that a whole fleet of cars extravagantly imported for the former President, languishing for years in the Mumtaz Mahal garden, are to be dumped in the sea. They are not even meant to be interred in a manner designed to help in another lofty extravagance - the (in)famous Port City Project. For inflicting such criminality on our hapless country, drowning in a morass of debt, this is undoubtedly an act of unconscionable idiocy. Meanwhile, we continue importing luxury limousines for a richly undeserving and delinquent Parliament and officialdom.

This saga of criminal conduct requires that several perpetrators of this National Crime should be mercilessly punished. Among those qualifying are the officials responsible for this inane decision to destroy, those who allowed these expensive vehicles to rot away, those who figured in importing these symbols of opulence, and if possible, that unconscionable spendthrift for whose majestic opulence these vehicles were got down. The reason given for this act of sadistic extravagance is more than sick and stupid. In the name of this Nation, all who figured should receive sentences in jail that would make them rot – in the manner that these luxury cars have done, only because dumping them in the sea is forbidden for reasons of environmental pollution.


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