President orders release Rs. 2,500 mn for fertilizer

... claims banks hadn’t received required funds until his intervention


President Maithripala Sirisena has alleged that funds required to purchase fertilizer hadn’t been released to banks until his intervention.

The failure has prevented banks from releasing funds needed to provide fertilizer to farmers.

A spokesperson for the Presidential Secretariat quoted President Sirisena as having told a gathering at Bendiwewa, Polonnaruwa on Saturday that he had ordered the release of funds amounting to Rs 2,500 mn after taking up the issue with the Finance Ministry.

According to the official, President Sirisena intervened on Saturday afternoon immediately after being informed that funds were not available.

Underscoring the critical importance of the role played by people’s representatives and officials in village-level development activities, President Sirisena said there were sufficient funds for development. Declaring that there was no shortage of development funds, President Sirisena said the country needed local government members committed to developing their areas.

Among those present were those contesting the upcoming elections to the Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha on the UPFA ticket. (SF)

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