BOC celebrates beginning of 2018 with the launching of ‘B-App’


Moments captured during the event, where the Bank’s Chairman, President’s Counsel Ronald C. Perera, members of the Board of Directors and the General Manager D.M. Gunasekara participated in religious ceremonies

The Bank of Ceylon commenced its banking activities for 2018-New Year celebrations with a multi-religious ceremony and the launching of the Bank’s newest mobile application- "B-App" with the patronage of the Bank’s chairman, President’s Counsel Ronald C. Perera and the General Manager D.M. Gunasekara.

The ceremony took place at the Bank’s Head Office 1st floor with the participation of bank’s customers, members of the Board of Directors S.R. Attygalle, Ranel T. WIjesinha and Samantha Rajapaksa, members of the Corporate and Executive Management and Bank officials. Parallel to this main event all BOC branches commenced duty after multi-religious activities with the participation of their customers.

The Bank’s newest mobile application "B-App" opens a new phase of digital banking for all customers that is fast, secured and available at anytime anywhere. Convenience is the most important attribute for customers today, the newest "B-App" banking solution provides "Convenience of Banking" for customers at their fingertips to fulfill many of their banking requirements. Customers can now download this app to their IOS or android driven mobile through Google-Play and Apple App store and activate the account by submitting the "B-app" application form to the nearest BOC branch.


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