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ENGLISH vs 1956

In his letter on 'Elmo & 1956' [Island 29/12] elitist expat H.L. Seneviratne once again gallops his hobby horse against the 'Sinhala Only yakos' of 1956. I quote his 'judgement' that all Sri Lanka's ills come from the abolition of education in English "the brutal ethnic war, the politicization of every institution, the rise of a barbaric political culture replete with corruption,nepotism,abduction and murder...are all direct outcomes of the short sighted policies of 1956." The poor chap seems to believe that the English language is the 'koikatath thailaya' for all political ills.

I wonder whether he is aware that former colonies Philippines, Zimbabwe and Kenya conduct all their educational and political activities in English BUT, alas, suffer from all those sins HLS attributes to the Sri Lanka he has fled.


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