SB for extending political marriage while vying with UNP in LG polls fray

Minister of Social Empowerment, Welfare and Kandyan Heritage S. B. Dissanayake says the UNP and SLFP would rule the country together though they vied with each other to win the local government polls.

Speaking at a ceremony at his ministry to mark the commencement of work for the New Year, the Minister said the two main parties had come together to form a government in an unprecedented manner. "We were left with no alternative. The international community was against us and we were about to face economic sanctions. So,we had to do the unthinkable. It was not easy. We have been able to achieve it. Now, we are facing an election. So, it is only natural that the two parties are taking on each other. But, we are ruling the country.

"The public servants have to think outside the box in serving the public. We have noticed that government officials are reluctant to carry out their duties in view of action being taken against errant officials. They must not worry. Leave the investigating and punishing the wrong doers to the government. The officials should serve the people. If the existing regulations and guidelines prevent them from serving the public they have to find ways and means of overcoming that problem.

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