Backer nabbed for traffic office
Police say Minister berated traffic cops

Gamage denies allegation


by Norman Palihawadane

Newly appointed State Minister for Law and Order and Southern Development, Piyasena Gamage, had berated traffic police for booking one of minister’s supporters while riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, at Nagoda in

Galle on Jan 1, a senior police officer said yesterday.

The rider was on his way to attend a meeting addressed by the minister. The suspect informed the police that he was a strong supporter of the minister and demanded that he be released to attend the meeting. However, the policemen refused to do so.

On being informed of the incident by his supporter, the minister had rushed to the police station and abused the traffic division personnel, the senior officer said.

State Minister Gamage, contacted for comment, denied the allegation. He said that one of his supporters had been riding a motorcycle after observing sil on the Poya day (Jan 1). "He was coming out of a temple when the police stopped him. The suspect was riding on a byroad. I simply inquired from police why he had been taken into custody. I was very courteous to the policemen. I never scolded them. The incident has been blown out of proportion by the media. I just needed to know the situation from the police."

The police said that they had filed a case against the suspect.

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