More trouble, says JVP

by Ajith Alahakoon

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Independence Day speech, in which he stressed the need for making unpopular decisions to develop the country, was indicative of some more trouble for an already suffering public, the JVP said yesterday.

JVP Propaganda Secretary, Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath addressing a

press conference held at the party head office in Battaramulla said all government decisions without an exception had aggravated the woes of the people.

The people were already overburdened with high prices and taxes as they had to pay through the nose for the government’s tamashas," MP Hearth said adding that the government was trying to justify the exploitation of the public in the name of development, which was, he said, only pie in the sky.

MP Herath said it was doubtful whether the government had any more unpopular decision to be made, going by the massive burden it had already placed on them. They were already facing extremely hard times, he said. "Increasing the number of cabinet ministers to 95 must be one such difficult decision the President has got to make. It could have been hard for him to grant 1,480 million rupees to government MPs who are not ministers to purchase SUVs."

Among the hard decisions the president had to make was getting the 18th amendment passed in Parliament to do away with the term limit, instead of abolishing the executive presidency in keeping with his promise to do so in 2005.

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