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A BALL, indeed!


There were many dances, and parties, in the city and suburbs, to usher in the New Year.

Some were successful and a few others didn’t draw the required crowd

However, one particular dance where revellers certainly did have a ball, was the ‘Breakaway Ball,’ held at the Eagle Lakeside Banquet & Convention Hall, in Attidiya

For a 31st night happening to be a success, the music needs that magical touch – nostalgia, let’s say – and also the food.

Well, it was all there, at the ‘Breakaway Ball,’ plus prizes and surprises…just about all the ingredients necessary for revellers to find excitement in a New Year’s Eve dance.

Sohan, who together with Benjy, worked tirelessly to ensure that ‘Breakaway Ball 2017’ would continue to break records, was more than excited when it was all over.

"We promised you a night of fun, frolic and pure entertainment and we fulfilled our promise."

The legendary performer went on to say that this year’s event will be ever bigger, brighter and better.

Two of the best bands, in town, provided the music – Sohan & The X-Periments, with Trishelle, and Mirage – and with guest stars, Antoinette, Ronnie and Judy de Silva adding that special touch which encouraged dances to stay on the floor, all night long!

Kumar de Silva did an excellent job, as compere.

These are some of the bouquets that came Sohan’s way, via social media:

* Chrys Wikramanayake: It was my first time at the ‘Breakaway Ball’ and it won’t be my last... It was all simply fantastic - the ambiance, music, food and the crowd. Great job by Sohan and team X-Periments, Benjy and Mirage. Judy, Ronnie, Antonette and Kumar. - you guys rocked the scene. Also, it was my daughters first 31st night and she said it was a great night…and coming from her, Sohan, you have to take it as a definite compliment.

* Sondra Wise Kumaraperu: Job well done, Sohan, I had a great time!

* Jeeves Jayaratnam: It was my third year at ‘Breakaway Ball’ and I certainly did have a ball this time, too. It was a fabulous scene with Sohan & The X-Periments, Judy , Ronnie, Benjy Ranabahu and Mirage, and Kumar. Thank you so much for organising such an event.

* Cheryl de Jonk-Mackay Yes, it was an awesome night - enjoyed every bit of it, and the food was great.

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