Lankan elected Dy Secy General of IBC


Sri Lankan Dr. Damenda Porage was elected as the Deputy Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation during its second General Assembly held in New Delhi, India recently.

International Buddhist Confederation is a global umbrella organization of Buddhists all over the world represented by more than forty countries. IBC’s mission is to gather the collective wisdom of Buddhists around the world to speak with a united Buddhist voice to make Buddhist values part of global engagement while working to preserve and promote Buddhist heritage, traditions and practices.

Meanwhile Ven Dr. Dhammapiya from Thripura was elected as the Secretary General and Ven Geshe Jangchup Choeden (India) was also elected as a Deputy Secretary General.

Most Ven Prof Bellanwila Wimalarathana was elected to hold one of the eight Honorary President positions of the confederation for next three years. Former Secretary General Ven Lama Lobsang was also elected as a President.

Ven Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha from Sri Lanka was elected as a Secretary and Ven Dr Nuwaraeliye Chandrajothi was elected as an Assistant Secretary.

It was evident that the assembly was well represented by Sri Lanka with a thirty member delegation including five Mahanayake theras.

Dr. Damenda Porage is also the President of Sri Lankan Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society.

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