UNP campaign to kick-off on Jan. 18


The UNP will launch its local government polls campaign from Kandy on Jan 18, party’s Assistant Leader MP Ravi Karunayake says.

The first public rally of the party would be held from 3 pm at the Central Market Ground with party leader Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe presiding, Karunanayake told The Island.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe would participate in all main rallies in every district and would address all 25 rallies, he said.

In addition to the main district rallies there would be 25 main seminars covering all districts and they would be addressed by party’s General Secretary Public Enterprises Development Minister Kabir Hashim.

Sirikotha had made arrangments for conducting 10 pocket meetings attended by UNP MPs in every town daily, MP Karunayake said, adding that the ten pocket meetings would cover the estate sector as well.

"We have a vision, we have a leader and we have our teams stronger than any other party. Our victory in Feb 10 polls is assured. Seeing this inevitable victory, other parties have started slinging mud at us thinking that we will be discouraged. That will not be. We will not crack under this pressure but emerge victorious at the end," he said.

Karunanayke said that the party’s campaign would highlight the work done by the present government during its short tenure. The government had been responsible for providing many privileges, including salary increases, to public sector employees within a short period. He said that salaries of government workers were increased by Rs. 10,000 and the prices of essential consumer items, including fuel and gas, were reduced with the aim of relieving the cost of living burden of the people.

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