For the love of Trees - an exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Charmaine Mendis and Minha Mahushukeen


Charmaine Mendis and Minha Mahushukeen, together with their guest artist Karunasiri Wijesinghe will hold their exhibition ‘For the love of Trees’ from the 19th - 22nd January at the Lionel Wendt Art gallery daily from 9.30 am - 7 pm.

The paintings and drawings created by Charmaine in this exhibition are in her own words, "an expression of myself, my feelings, my experiences, my escape; they are my meditations, my relaxation, and the meanderings of my mind, whilst my body is firmly rooted in the mundane present".

According to Charmaine, her only employment of technique is in the tree drawings. "They are the result of my mentor, Mr Karunasiri Wijesinghe’s inspiration, encouragement and training, although in my own estimation I fall far short of the perfection he requires. For me these drawings have been a giant step in my progress. The black and white designs are the creative wanderings of my pen, done mostly on long airline flights. My mind just follows the meanderings of my hand, and I get lost in their creation. The colour pencil work tries to capture the unseen nuances of colour in nature. The colour washes are experimental, I just go with the flow".

Like a diamond, Charmaine is a many faceted woman, one who has excelled in all her endeavours.

Two of Charmaine’s abiding hobbies/interests for as long as she can remember, were spending time in the jungles and reading. "The love of the jungles came from my father, and my interest, and later love of trees from my mother. My father was a hunter and went shooting very often. It was natural for me to follow suit on our regular trips to the jungles. I became very handy with a gun on our regular jungle forays and later on joined the Negombo Rifle Club to participate in competitive target shooting. Charmaine was Club Representative on the Board of the National Rifle Association, the governing body for the sport in Sri Lanka (and as usual the only woman).

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