‘Buddhism’ – How this book will help you

Namo Buddhaya!


The book ‘Buddhism’ translated and compiled by Most Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera with much compassion, lays out the basics of what Buddhism really means.

This book helps to understand the key features and principles of Buddhism and how it works, providing a useful guide to anyone who would like to follow the noble path. Let us take the chapter on the four noble truths.

The four noble truths are universal truths that were discovered and preached by the Supreme Buddha on the contemplation of the world: the truth of suffering, the origin of suffering, the end of suffering, and the path which leads to the end of suffering.

These four factors are the core of Buddhism. Almost all sermons delivered by the Buddha were aimed at realizing them. As a truth, it is something that never changes, regardless of external influences. Another central part of Buddhism is the principle of Kamma, which is clearly explained in the book.

In short, Kamma is the result of whatever we think, do or speak intentionally. Whether it be good/bad actions that we make, Kamma, will always follow us ‘as the cart always follow the bull that pulls it’, and give results accordingly.

As Kamma is an outcome of our actions done intentionally, if we carry out unwholesome or bad deeds, we will only have bad Kamma. If we perform wholesome, good deeds, we will have good Kamma and also will lead to eradicate defilements that is the ultimate happiness of Nibbana.

Outlined in this book are only the main and basic principles of Buddhism. The teaching as a whole delves far deeper into the mind than most of us can comprehend. However, understanding the anchors to Buddhism are the only ways of developing one’s mind to realize the rest of it. We must train our minds to understand the unalterable truth of this world, for if we do not, we will forever be ensnared in this cycle of birth and death.

Therefore, let this book help you all understand and apply the qualities of Buddhism to your lives, and help in finding true liberation from this samsara.

Let us all practice the Supreme Buddha’s teachings diligently in order to acknowledge the four noble truths and attain true happiness!

The table of contents of the book is as follows: Saranagamanam, The sublime qualities of the Buddha, The Sublime Dhamma, The Maha Sangha, The Rarity of the Rebirth as a Human Being, Wrong View and Right View, The Three Ways of Collecting Merits, The Heavenly Worlds, Bad Destinations, The Four Noble Truths, Attainments of Enlightenment, What is Kamma?, The Fortune and Misfortune of the Beings, Spontaneous Rebirth, Dependent Origination, Samsara is Dangerous, Do not Miss this Moment, Loving Kindness Meditation, The Value of Parents,The Noble Friend, How the World Began – Aggañña Sutta and Seven Suns – Saptha Sooryayuggamana Sutta.

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