Thai Pongal Greetings

President Maithripala Sirisena

I am extremely happy to convey my greetings to all the Hindus across the world celebrating Thai Pongal, the festival that expresses gratitude to the nature.

Since the dawn of civilisation, the importance of agriculture was widely known to human beings. In a background of the rural community migrating to urban areas abandoning agricultural farming to obtain material benefits from industrial and technological growth, the celebration of Thai Pongal depicts the ardent desire to protect and cherish ancient traditions to refill humanity with culture, kindness, peace and reconciliation with utmost devotion towards fellow human kind.

I would like to consider the Thai Pongal festival, which has bestowed the supreme status upon agriculture, as an occasion to make the efforts taken by the government to take the country towards self-sufficiency in food meaningful and providing strength to these efforts.

The Tamil community following Hinduism considers the Thai Pongal festival as the dawn of their New Year which provides new expectations and opportunities.

On this auspicious day. I wish a happy and prosperous Thai Pongal to the Hindus in Sri Lanka and abroad.

I also join with the devotees who celebrate closely associating with the deep values of agricultural traditions and customs.


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

Thai Pongal is celebrated by Tamils all over the world as an occasion of considerable religious significance.

As a festival that commemorates the harvest, it is also an occasion to be thankful to nature for the bountiful supply.

The agrarian society possesses a deep reverence for the Sun God that goes back to centuries. The Thai Pongal Festival personifies this tradition with meaning by consecrating the first fruits to the Sun God who enables a rich harvest every year. The animals who contribute towards a successful crop are also taken into account at Thai Pongal.

These vibrant traditions reinforce the close bonds between man and nature in a meaningful way.

Thai Pongal Festival confirms to us the blessings of being at peace with nature and the value of equality, it helps us to ponder on being thankful for everything nature has provided for us.

As Tamils all over the world celebrate -this special day, they join hands with all Sri Lankans in a poignant message of goodwill among all.

May this Thai Pongal Day be a time to reflect on our respect for nature and an opportunity to share fellowship as an equal society.

I wish all a blessed Thai Pongal Day.

Opposition and TNA leader, R. Sampanthan

My heartiest Thai Pongal wishes to all Tamil people who live in Sri Lanka and abroad

As a new year begins, there are many expectations in the hearts of the people.

In particular, the Tamil people’s longstanding aspiration for a lasting political solution to the national question still remains unattained. During last year, meaningful steps were taken to frame a new Constitution in order to address this unresolved issue.

As a result of such steps an Interim Report of the Steering Committee has been submitted to the Constitutional Assembly which contains matters of importance that merit consideration.

My prayer is that a new Constitution will be framed without any further delay in the new year, which will uphold the right to dignity, self respect, and justice on the basis of equality amongst all citizens of Sri Lanka so as to ensure goodwill unity and genuine reconciliation within an undivided and indivisible Sri Lanka.

My best wishes and prayers for a Thai Pongal filled with peace and prosperity.


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