Police inspectors complain against NPC


The Police inspectorate, considered as the backbone of the department, is frustrated, disappointed and demoralised due to inordinate delays in finalising their promotions by the National Police Commission, Sri Lanka Police Inspector’s Association has informed President Maithripala Sirisena, in a letter.

The letter, signed by Chairman of the SLPIA Chief Inspector Y. de S. Pinnaduwage and Secretary CI Asitha de Silva, says that under the provisions of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution it is the task of the NPC to work on promotions of all police officers except for the IGP. However, the NPC has overlooked its duty of ensuring the promotions in the police inspectorate and paid its attention only to appoint acting DIGs for the vacant DIG positions. Currently, in the gazetted officers’ ranks

of police there are 25 vacancies for the DIGs, 100 vacancies for SSPs, 75 vacancies for the SPs and 75 vacancies for the ASPs. Accordingly there are 200 vacancies for the SP and above ranks. The NPC had appointed SSPs as acting DIGs instead of filling the vacancies with qualified officers. If the NPC would clear the issue from the top ranks then they could pave way for the solving the promotion issues of the junior police officer ranks too.

Currently there are 2,214 officers of the inspectorate that have gained their qualifications and completed more than 10 years in the same rank. There are 1,068 SIs and 67 WSIs, 667 IPs and 120 WIPs, 299 CIs and three WSIs, those who had become qualified and eligible for their next rank 10 years back but still remaining in the respective positions, the letter said adding that the inspectorate numbering around 10,000 is frustrated by the NPCs failure to attend to their promotions. It is the inspectorate that provides management, orders and motivation for around 60,000 junior police ranks in addition to performing duties assigned to them by their ranks.

Majority of those who had been meted this injustice were the officers who sacrificed their prime of lives in the battle against terrorism, the letter said seeking the mediation of the President to sort out the promotion issue once and for all.

The letter had been copied to the Prime Minister and the Law and Order and Southern Development Minister.

Only the Prime Minister’s office had responded to the SLPIA and informed the association that the matter had been referred to the NPC, according to SLPIA sources.

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