ikman.lk records robust growth in 2017


ikman.lk the website for buyers and sellers to transact almost anything, showcased strong robust growth for 2017 according to data recently released by the company.

Demonstrating the site has achieved more Internet market share this year, ikman.lk recorded a remarkable surge of 52% in the number of total visits to its website within the month of November 2017. Defined as people visiting the site multiple times within a month, the total number of visits was 19 million in November after starting the year in January at 12.5 million.

Presenting its growing online success as the nation’s preferred and largest online marketplace, ikman.lk also recorded a growth of 32% in the total number of unique visitors. Within the month November, the total number of unique visitors had risen to 3.3 million from 2.5 million in January. A unique visitor is a person who visits the site multiple times within the month, however counted as only one.

.lk’s consistent and continued growth is impressive given its enhanced user engagement seen via the increase in the average number of times a person visits the site. A ratio derived through unique visitors and total visitors, indicated ikman.lk recorded on average a person visits the site at a frequency of six times within a month.

Additionally, the total new ads posted on ikman.lk during 2017 grew by 13%, with November registering a high of 170,000. This data is conclusive proof of increased seller confidence in the site.

However, this statistic is not a reflection of the total number of ads received, as all new ads received are not published unless it meets the guidelines on ikman.lk prior to going live. Also all ads posted are automatically deleted after two months keeping the site updated and relevant.

Further driving ikman.lk’s dominance in the online space of buying and selling is the increase in interested buyers. November 2017, ikman.lk catalogued 2.4 million interested buyers. This showcases a growth of 14% since January 2017. This statistic is decisive in illustrating the growth of buyer confidence in ikman.lk. Further demonstrating, on average every seller having access to a minimum of 14 interested buyers.


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