Special HCs to hear fraud, corruption cases within six monthss – PM


by Zacki Jabbar

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that with the proposed establishment of Special High Courts,  fraud and corruption cases could be heard within six months at the earliest,  in comparison to about six years or more now.

Addressing rallies in Elpitiya and Godakawela in support of UNP candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections on Saturday, the Prime Minister said that legislation would be in  place soon, to ensure speedy and equitable justice was delivered, without letting cases drag on for long periods.

The PM noted that according to the Bill, prepared by the legal authorities, based on a cabinet approved Memorandum, the Special High Courts comprising three judge benches, would be required to hear fraud and corruption cases on a daily basis.

The new law once approved by Parliament would ensure that judgments in  cases before the Special High Courts could be delivered within six months at the earliest, Wickremesinghe added.

He  said that in the case of complex financial crimes, hearings could take longer, but would not exceed two years, inclusive of the proces of appealing to the Supreme Court.

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