Bond racketeers should be given deterrent punishment - Amunugama


Special Assignments Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama says those who had robbed public funds through bond scams should be given the maximum punishment regardless of their positions.

Addressing a UPFA rally at Wettawa in Galagedara on Sunday the Minister said: "Those who have robbed people’s money should be severely punished irrespective of their positions. Some people who have robbed public property and public funds without any shame are now posing as patriots.

"The President is all out to punish those who robbed government funds through the bonds scams and to recover the funds. In the same way action will be taken to bring the other thieves also to justice before long."

Amunugama said that theft, fraud and corruption could be contained if the rule of law was restored. Therefore it is the duty and responsibility of those in power to ensure that everyone abided by the law.

"People can be protected and the security of the country ensured only if the law functions properly. Therefore, we should seek to implement the law to the letter.

"If a country’s governance is allowed to be overwhelmed by theft, thuggery, and bribery there is no future for that country or security for its people. That is the reason for the decline of some African countries.

"The people should be able to see that the crooks are punished as they deserve. A penniless man who enters politics becomes a billionaire in no time. There have been many such instances as you are aware. People should remain very vigilant about this situation and resolve to get rid of rogues in the garb of patriots.

It is the duty of the people to elect a set of respectable people to the local government institutions, at the upcoming elections. That duty has to be performed well. If that is not done those local government bodies will become hot beds of corruption and theft. When the administration is affected by corruption nothing gets done properly in any institution.

"Therefore the biggest responsibility is to elect a set of the best people available representatives.

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