DEW tells Ravi: ‘Get ready to wear prison jumper’

Communist Party General Secretary and former COPE Chairman D. E.W.Gunasekera yesterday asked former Minister Ravi Karunanayake to be ready to wear the prison uniform for giving false evidence before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry, which probed the alleged bond scams.

Gunasekera said so, answering to a query raised by a journalist about a statement made by Ravi Karunanayake at a news conference at the Sri Lanka Foundation that the bond scam report was flawed.

Gunasekera said, "When did Ravi Karunanayake speak the truth?"

Karunanayake first claimed there had been no bond scams and subsequently claimed he had nothing to do with the allegation, Gunasekera said. "When he was summoned before the commission, Karunanayake was unable to explain how his family had owned a penthouse in a luxury apartment complex in Kollupitiya. Once the mandate of the commission came to an end, he said that the commission was in a an embroglio and the commission didn’t release its report because the failure of the commission would become public. Now, the former UNP Minister says copy of the commission report that he received contains falsehoods."

Gunasekera said, "All what we know is that Karunanayake has repeatedly told lies and the commission report accuses him of having given false evidence.

"Now the issue will be taken to courts and there will be no escape route for him. Karunanayake will eventually will have to go to jail and keep wearing a ‘jumper’," Gunasekera added.

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