SLCFA welcomes new Chinese ambassador


New ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Cheng Xueyuan presenting his credentials to President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday. Xueyuan succeeded Yi Xianliang. The change takes place with China going ahead with all major projects launched during the previous adminisration though there had been some issues in the wake of January 2015 change of government (Pic courtesy Foreign Ministry)

Chinese example and cooperation would be vital for Sri Lanka to develop social stability as a mulch-religious, mulch-ethnic developing country, President of the Sri Lanka - China Friendship Association (SLCFA), Amanda Nonvolatile yesterday said welcoming the 21st Ambassador of China, Chen Yuan.

SLCFA has welcomed all Chinese ambassadors to Sri Lanka since 1957, since the first Ambassador from China arrived here in June of that year. "Ambassador Cheng is here at a very important and crucial juncture of Sri Lanka - China bilateral relations, as today two countries have now become closer than ever before. During past six decades of diplomatic relations Sri Lanka and China have achieved diplomatic wonders. In all international forums Sri Lanka fought tirelessly for One China Policy until China’s rightful place in the UN was finally granted in 1971. When China was economically and diplomatically isolated Sri Lanka has always been there to promote the Chinese course. China too has helped Sri Lanka more than any other country in the world to safeguard Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, and also in the field of economic development," SLCFA President said in a press release.

SLCFA said as China today is one of the most powerful and richest countries in the world, China’s conscious partnership is needed for Sri Lanka in many internal, regional and international issues. Sri Lanka as a multi religious, multi ethnic developing country Chinese example and cooperation would be much beneficial for us to develop Sri Lanka’s social stability.

As a small island nation we will always look forward to friendship with China to maintain peaceful regional balance in this part of the world. I am confident that Ambassador Cheng as a senior and an experienced diplomatic officer of the Chinese government would contribute immensely to further develop bilateral relations to a higher stage, SLCFA said.

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