Doctor, conductor among treasure hunters

By Cyril Wimalasurendre

KANDY – Eight persons, engaged in digging for treasure inside a house in Bombure in Hunnasgiriya arrested by Udadumbara police on Saturday (27) night.

One suspect escaped under the cover of darkness.

The police found a pit about six feet deep with a circumference of four feet inside a room of the house.

Police, on questioning, the suspects uncovered that the leader of the group of treasure hunters was a retired resident officer of the Mahaweli Development Authority. Others included a District Medical Officer of a state hospital near Gampola.

Others were residents of Gampola, Digana, Doluwa, Gelioya and Meemure. Among them was a bus conductor.

Police took into custody implements and equipment used for excavation including a sophisticated scanning machine used to trace underground precious stones. A drilling machine, crowbars, mammoties and several other tools as well as items used as offerings were also taken into custody.

A cab believed to have been used by the treasure hunters was also taken into custody.

Police said the owner of the house had sought the help of the group to carry out excavations a little girl kept on saying that a dead member of the family told her in dream there was a treasure trove buried under the house.

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