Country’s future foremost on UNP’s agenda – Ravi


UNP Assistant Leader Ravi Karunanayake listening to voters during a canvassing campaign on Saturday at Farm Road in Mattakkuliya

UNP talked of the future of the country while the SLFP discussed politics; that was the difference between the two main parties, UNP assistant leader Ravi Karunanayake said on Saturday.

Addressing a UNP meeting at Farm Road in Mattakkuliya in support of party candidates contesting the Feb 10 LG elections, the former Finance Minister said those who claimed was no economic development had not studied the budgets presented by the present government. "We took over an economy which had been destroyed due to corrupt practices and financial indiscipline. But, we will never let the people feel the ill effects of these economic issues. Earlier it was like the ‘Colambata Kiri Gamata Kekiri’ story, but under our government we will ensure that all, irrespective of where they live will receive equal opportunities and facilities."

Karunanayake said, "We increased the state revenue from 10.4% to 15% of the GDP. We have stopped waste and rationalised state expenditure." The UNP would win the local government elections with ease and its rivals were spreading misinformation to dupe the masses, he added.

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