PAFFREL records 706 violations

Election watchdog People’s Action for Free and Fair Election (PAFFREL) says it has received 615 complaints of 706 electoral and general law violations by yesterday afternoon.

Of them 98 are related to incidents of violence and 115 incidents of other forms of violations of the law.

As per the PAFFREL statistical report of election law violations which covers the pre-election period, 19 persons have been hospitalized due to election related violence.

So far 16 grievous assaults were among 98 acts of violence.

Sixty seven instances of abuse of state power, resources and misusing state sector employees have also been recorded. There have been 25 cases of abuse of state power and resources for electoral purposes, 20 cases of appointments, transfers and the promotion of state officials targeting the election, and 13 cases of the use of state vehicles for election campaign related purposes.

There have been 524 other violations including 184 instances of illegal election propaganda, 177 instances of politically motivated distribution of handouts, the construction of 29 unauthorised party offices, 21 cases of disrupting the campaign activities of opponents, 18 instances of carrying out election campaigns to the inconvenience of the public, 13 cases of state-sponsored livelihood grants and allowances, 17 cases of state-officers acting in favour of political parties and being in breach of official duties, 13 cases of intimidating voters, and 11 of cases of conducting unlawful meetings and processions.


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