Ravi wholeheartedly embraces President’s anti-corruption drive

By Saman Indrajith

A new political culture should be ushered in and the efforts of the unity government to eliminate corruption were reaching fruition, former UNP Minister Ravi Karunanayake told Parliament yesterday.  

MP Karunanayake said he wholeheartedly agreed with the President on the latter’s sentiments expressed in the Independence Day speech––" the fight against corruption is the self-defence of a nation ... Strengthening the attitude for anti-corruption and implementing it is the self-defence of the nation to ensure its progress."

Karunanayake made these observations during the parliamentary debate on the Bond Commission report and PRECIFAC report in parliament yesterday. 

He expressed satisfaction at the implementation of the fundamentals of good governance. "During the past, corruption, wastefulness and brutality were the norms accepted in society. The reason economic development could not be achieved in the country due to the petty political agendas of a few. However, we laid the foundation needed in establishing good governance on January 08, 2015. But we must prove our good intentions through our deeds."

He urged everyone to join in establishing true good governance in the country sans petty political desires. 

Karunanayake said, today, those who didn’t even know how many zeros are there in a million or billion are talking about the losses in the bond issue. The bond issue is not just an issue of the previous government or this one, but corruption has become a culture in this country, he said, adding that it was regretful that the issue was hampering the progress of the country and stagnating it. Instead he said "what we need today is a constructive political approach".

He explained how the bond issue incident had affected him as a parliamentarian and individual. "During the recent past there were elements who were trying to portray me as the biggest sinner and culprit. This sinister move is still on. But no matter how much mudslinging or humiliation I am made to undergo, I can still be content with the fact that the efforts we made to establish good governance in this country is bearing fruit."

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