TNA predicts victory in 46 Local Councils

UNP confident of first place with 275


by Zacki Jabbar

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it is confident of winning around 46 of the 58 councils at the February 10, local government elections.

Asked about some Tamil political groups ganging up against the  TNA, the alliance’s  National List MP M. A.Sumanthiran said yesterday his party would not face much of an opposition in the North and East.

He observed that various noises were being made,  but the majority of Tamils were with the TNA since it had taken principled stands on various issues without playing to the gallery.

"We are confident of securing about 46 of the 58 local councils, Sumanitharan added.

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith P Perera said that the UNP was leading the pack and was confident of clinching victory in about 275 of the 341 local bodies.

The UNP, unlike the other parties was well organised at the grassroots level and the people were rallying under the UNP led United National Front banner, with several parties contesting under the Elephant Symbol in some councils, he said.

The Deputy Minister said that the introduction of the mixed first-past-the post and ward system, which was an election pledge of the UNP, had resulted in almost no violent incidents being reported unlike under the earlier system.

Admitting that there had been a few hicupps, Perera pointed out that the UNP had proved to the people its commitment to good governance and the rule of law and they  knew that  as the seeds of economic development took root, their standard of living would also improve.

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