Sri Lankan e-waste management company partners Belgian hybrid-battery recycling company


Green Links Lanka, Sri Lanka’s electronic waste management company was appointed by the Umicore Battery Recycling Company in Belgium as the authorized supplier in Sri Lanka of used Hybrid/EV vehicle batteries to Umicore Company.

An MOU was signed to this effect between Nalin Gunaratne, Managing Director Green Links Lanka and Ghislain Van Damme Global Commercial and Sourcing Manager, Umicore Battery Recycling Company in Hoboken, Belgium.

As per this MOU, Green Links Lanka is responsible for collecting and storing End-of-Life Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-Ion batteries from Hybrid and Electric vehicles imported to Sri Lanka and export them to Umicore Battery Recycling Company for eco-friendly recycling.

Accordingly Green Links Lanka, Company will supply used Nickel Metal Hydrate and Lithium-Ion battery packs of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (=xEV) sold within Sri Lanka by leading motor companies, for recycling purposes to Umicore Battery Recycling Company.

After eight long years of research and development, Umicore Battery Recycling setup a Recycling Facility in 2011 using UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology which allows a close to zero-waste recycling of the used xEV batteries and a sustainable closed loop approach for the recovered metals such as Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Rare Earths and Lithium. With this technology, Umicore became the winner of the European Business Award in 2012.

Umicore Group is a gigantic Materials Technology and Recycling company in the world having 14000 workers, operating in 56 industrial sites and having 20 Research and Development or Technical centers worldwide.

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