Artificial Rain and power of deity magic


It is reported The Ministry for Power and Energy is to set up an Artificial Rain Department, to provide relief to the agricultural sector during drought.

This reminds me, in 1980’s a team led by Senadipathy, the then Commercial Manager CEB was sent to Vietnam for a similar training, and on their return an experiment was carried out which was a total failure. The reason, as reported by CEB, was Sri Lanka being a small island the winds carrying moisture laden clouds fell far away from the desired area to the Indian Ocean. It is, therefore, very strange, CEB’s Chief Engineer Kapila Jayasinghe saying, when interviewed by journalists, ‘The artificial rain making process in the 1980’s was a success’. If so, what is the necessity to send a fresh team to Thailand? Surely, if the 1980’s experiment was a success, why carry it out again, now?

There is another humorous episode to this artificial inducing of rain. A Buddhist monk from Meepitiya, Kegalle, had claimed he could cause rain by prayer and offerings to Valahaka Deviyo – [Deity for Rain] . This was given wide publicity in the press. This monk, came to the Ministry for Power and Energy and met the then Secretary, James H Lanerolle, who did not wish to waste his precious time on magician’s hocus pocus tricks , and sent him over to me, perhaps knowing I too reject these beliefs of bribing deities or gods. As the monk came in, I respectfully got up, greeted him in the manner a Buddhist monk should receive, offered him a seat and sat down after he sat. This may have given him the impression that I was a devout Buddhist and easy meat to push through his plan.

He wanted the CEB to provide him a car to travel to Laxapana and expenses for offerings to be made to the deity. On its success, he wanted a Devala be built and he be appointed the sole custodian. After giving him a patient hearing, I told him all that could be done after successful achievement was that I could instruct the CEB to reimburse the expenditure incurred by him, provided he brought down rain within one week. This time limit of one week was given, as I had read the Met Department forecast rain within two weeks. Perhaps this monk too had taken advantage of this news by Met Dept. Not being satisfied, he went away and came back the following day with a small silver box, the inner side of which there was a black blotch. He asked me to peer deeply into the black spot to see spirit Hanuman making the same request of offerings as wanted by this monk. I did what was told, and did not see any Hanuman . When I said so, he said I may have consumed some Killa food [I do not know the English equivalent] such as meat, eggs, hence Hanuman did not appear. Then he came out with the truth. He said it is very likely rains will fall shortly and if the rains come when this religious pooja is held, world wide publicity will be given and he will be invited by other countries and I too can accompany him. I stood my grounds and he left, never to be seen again.

Then, here is another possibility which the Minister for Power and Energy, and his able consultants and experts can pursue. I read a news item a few months back of a South African pre-teen Queen Masalanado Modjadjim, popularly called Rain Queen, who could bring down rain at her will. If the Ministry concerned is so desperate, why not invite her.

My personal understanding is that the government has rejected the well planned Long Term, Least Cost Generation Plan prepared by experts, both in the CEB and consultants, is the reason for this desperate attempt to seek this artificial cloud seeding exercise.

Hope the setting up of this unit will bring desired results – Ordo ab Chao – ‘Order from Chaos ‘the Ministry is now in.


[SLAS] Rtd, Asst. Secretary

Ministry for Power and Energy

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