The last nail in the coffin of Yahapalanaya

It looks as if the yahapalana leaders had decided to cause the suicide of the government without waiting for its death expected to happen at the next election. As indicated in several articles in The Island today the police (an arm of the government) have been largely responsible for the mayhem caused in Digana which is fast spreading to areas such as Akurana and Katugastota. Several of these articles and even some Minsters have attributed these troubles to the incompetence of the police. What started as an ordinary clash developed into a major ethnic clash since those involved belonged to two ethnic groups. The police have committed huge blunders here by not making use of their intelligence services and other foolish acts like delaying the release of the body, allowing people from other areas to come in including a racist Buddhist priest.

The police would have got a court order to conduct the funeral in a close by location with a few people allowed to attend. Instead, they allowed the body to be brought to a place few miles away for burial. This makes us wonder whether they were acting according to someone’s orders as alleged by the joint opposition and the JVP to distract public attention from the outcome of the recent local government polls. In 1983, the then UNP government let anti-Tamil riots spread.

As indicated by a writer today it is possible that a foreign power too is involved in the incidents.

As I write this letter there is a curfew in the city of Kandy and that has affected the day to day activities of innocent people who have nothing to do with the troubles. There are long queues near fuel stations and panic buying all over. The business establishment would lose millions with the festive season fast approaching for no fault of theirs. Kandy is a tourist hub and the country’s tourism will be adversely affected. The Muslims and Sinhalese live in harmony in the Kandyan areas and there is absolutely no need for them to fight unless provoked by others. In fact, all communities have a very small minority in the lunatic fringe like the LTTE in our country, extreme white supremacist organizations such as the National Front in UK and the Ku Klux Klan in the USA. But, these white supremacists don’t cause mayhem such as those here supported by the politicians. So far the Muslim extremists such as the Jidhadists and the ISIS have not come into our country. They are ruthless killers and are bound to destroy the peace in our country. They would certainly come in if the politicians of the majority community harass the Muslims.

Finally, the only solution for this is to have a strong political leadership as happened during President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s time. President Rajapaksa lost the last presidential election because it lost the minority vote and if the government keeps on harassing the minorities such as the Muslims, a similar fate will befall it. Appointing a seasoned campaigner such as Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka as the Minister of Law and Order would be the only option left for it to survive at least the last few years left for it to govern this country.

Former university teacher


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