HNB crossing boosts CSE turnover beyond Rs. 2 bn mark

By Hiran H.Senewiratne

Yesterday both indices at the CSE moved up and turnover stood at Rs. 2.51 billion, out of which more than half or Rs. 1.3 billion, came from an HNB crossing of 5.4 million shares at a per share value of Rs. 240.

During the day three other crossings took place apart from the HNB crossing. Those were: JKH 3.2 million shares crossed for Rs. 526 million, per share value Rs. 162, Commercial Bank one million shares crossed for Rs. 135 million, per share value Rs. 135, and Amana Takaful 95 million shares crossed for Rs. 76 million. All Share Price Index was up by 7.1 points and S and P SL20 moved up by 3.13 points.

In the retail market, companies that mainly contributed to the day's turnover were: East West Properties Rs. 28.2 million (1.2 million shares traded), Browns Investments Rs. 16.8 million (6.1 million shares traded) and Fortress Resorts Rs. 7.6 million (647,000 shares traded). It is said that 135.13 million share volumes changed hands in 6795 transactions.

"The dampened sentiment we saw last week is not there. Foreigners were also trading in selective counters while locally, retailers traded in second tier counters, stock market analysts said.

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