EWIS powers Trinity College Smart Classrooms


Sri Lankan education system is currently experiencing a revolution with the launch of Smart Classrooms. Thanks to this new interactive technology, students are now able to study and gain knowledge the ‘fun’ way, using state of the art interactive board coupled with most current interactive educational software.

This revolution was experienced by the school ‘on the hills’, Trinity College, Kandy with the launch of smart classrooms. A project initiated and funded by the Trinity College OBA – Colombo Branch, was launched recently at the Junior School Hall, thus making a revolution in classroom teaching in Kandy. Each board installed in classrooms were ceremonially inaugurated by distinguished old boys, who then invited young students to try and test the all new Smart Board. While this event marks the completion of the first stage of the project, the second stage is expected to commence soon.

"Today, we live in the millennial era, where everything is about digital and technology. We understand that this millennial generation are not interested in being ‘spoon fed’. They are hungry for information, curious to learn, and wish to know the unknown. The EWIS Smart Classroom technology, provides our students with instantaneous access to unlimited information and resources; just at the point of ‘touch’. It therefore completely transforms the schools’ educative process, enabling and encouraging them to access, analyze, interpret and apply knowledge to real world situations. We want to inculcate this quality at a very young age as we don’t want our students to be mere bookworms, but we want them to understand and connect with the real work environment. The EWIS Smart Classroom helps us achieve this objective efficiently and effectively" stated Andrew Fowler – Watt, Principal, Trinity College Kandy at the inaugural ceremony held amidst distinguished Old Boys, Parents, well-wishers and students.

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