Cops prevent UNP – SLMC clash

A timely police intervention prevented supporters of the UNP and the Muslim Congress from resorting to fisticuffs following a heated argument after a secret ballot was taken to elect the Puttalam Urban Council Chairman. Muslim Congress candidate and former Chairman K.A.Bais was re-elected.

At the February 10 local government election seven members of the UNP, seven from the SLMC, two from the SLPP, one from the SLFP and two independent candidates were elected to the Puttalam Urban Council.

When the elected candidates met yesterday, the names of K.A.Bais (SLMC) and Ali Sabri Raheem (UNP) were proposed for chairmanship.

When a secret ballot was taken in the presence of Local Government Commissioner Ranjith Premalal Jayasinghe,.Bais, who received 11 votes was appointed Chairman. The UNP candidate could muster only seven votes.

Although security had been beefed up in and around the council a tense situation prevailed and the supporters of the two factions almost came to blows and the police had to intervene and bring the situation under control.

Minister Rishard Bathiudin’s party contested on the UNP ticket and Ali Sabri, who contested for chairmanship, is a member of Bathiuddin’s party.

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