Teen drowns after checking his exam results

By Suranga Dilhan

A teenager who went for a river bath with his school buddies after checking his GCE OL results drowned in the Mahaweli Ganga on Thursday. He was one of a group of eight students from St Andrew’s Vidyalaya, Gampola.

Victim, 17-year-old Rajitha Roshan Galpihilla was a resident of Mariyawatta, Galpihillegedara, Gampola. Seven of his friends had been with him at the time of the incident, police said.

His friends had run away without informing the police of the incident, investigators said.

A person engaged in sand mining saw the incident. He informed police, who subsequently recovered the body. The police also arrested the other seven students.

The mother of the victim is working overseas and his father is employed away from Gampola. He is the only child of the family.

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