Ven. Rathana fails to broker deal among SLFP, SLPP and UNP


By Saman Indrajith and Rathindra Kuruwita

MP Ven. Athureliye Rathana Thera addressing a press briefing in Parliament said that his attempt to broker a deal with the SLFP, SLPP and UNP in a bid to come up with a national plan to develop the country within the next year failed.

‘On Tuesday morning everyone was unsure about the outcome of the NCM vote and I tried to use the opportunity to present a plan that all three parties can agree on. But by yesterday one party was certain that it could win so my proposal didn’t work. But I will keep trying."

The Thera has proposed the creation of a coalition of the three main parties for one year to carry out initiatives to address fundamental concerns.

"We need to create a national consensus on foreign trade deals, local industries, sustainable agriculture, the executive presidency and the electoral system."

According to the Thera’s proposal the person who is elected President must become independent and refrain from engaging in party politics. A person can only hold the position for a single term. The Thera also proposes to create an electoral system that removes the preferential voting system and allocate national list seats to allow the party that gets the highest amount of votes, allowing it to create a stable government.

"We must also encourage sustainable agriculture," he said.

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