Interact Premier League from Feb. 16

Modelled on the world famous ‘Indian Premier League’, ‘Interact Premier League’ or ‘IPL’ as it is more commonly known is a project organised by the Interact Club of Royal College. This year IPL will be held at the MCA grounds on the 16th and 17th of February. Running successfully for the 3rd consecutive year, this project was the first of its kind within the Interact movement in Sri Lanka. IPL is a much awaited 6-a-side softball cricket tournament and it is basically the largest cricket tournament within the Interact community.

To add to the general enthusiasm of the organisers and participants alike, IPL will be taking place just days before the ICC Cricket World Cup and will spread among many the Cricket craze schools.

Adding to this, the purpose of IPL is to bring together all Interactors in a way in which only sport can, and what better way to do that than through cricket! By setting this as the fundamental purpose of this project, what the Interact Club of Royal College hopes to achieve is to create an environment in which all the Interactors will be able to gain experience on team work, co-ordination, will power, sportsmanship and last but not least to remind everyone that its not always about the work, and that a bit of fun is always important.

As IPL is an event meant to be fun for everyone, the Games Stall will be reintroduced in a big way so that it’s not just the players who will be enjoying.

With a variety of interesting prizes to be won, the Games Stall is sure to be a hit with everyone who will be attending. Music, food and beverages will also be in the mix.

All those who look forward to just relax or have a couple of days of fun in the sun, be sure to check out IPL 2010/2011.

Further details can be obtained from Insaf Bakeer Markar on mobile 0776697494.

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