NCRS approves quadricycle

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The National Council for Road Safety (NCRS) yesterday said the newly introduced vehicle category, quadricycle would be a solution for the problem of traffic congestion.

NCRS Chairman Dr. Sisira Kodagoda told The Island that most of road accidents were due to indiscipline, ignorance of the rules and neglect and disobedience and therefore new vehicle category quadricycle would be an innovative method in the country's road traffic management that could instill discipline in motorists.

Dr. Kodagoda said: "A quadricycle is essentially a light-weight motorized four-wheeler between a motorcycle and a car. Compared to two-wheelers and three-wheelers, quadricycle is the safest vehicle category as it has four wheels which will discourage the drivers squeezing through other vehicles during rush hours. It is a fully covered vehicle category which has more similar features like mini car and four passengers could travel at a time."

Dr. Kodagoda said the council had conducted technical research for more than two years prior to the introduction of the new vehicle category. Earlier there had been several legal barriers for this vehicle category in India due to a court case. However, in February this year, the Supreme Court of India had disposed the case and a draft notification had been issued by the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, approving the quadricycle as a vehicle category, he added.

In answer to a question, the NCRS Chairman false information was being disseminated about the new vehicle category. He said a baseless claim was being made in some quarters that the quadricyle was unsafe as it failed the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) crash test.

"But the truth is that as per European standard, quadricycles are not subject to crash testing," Dr. Kodagoda said.

Even though the quadricycle would not be an alternative to three-wheelers, it would discourage the people from buying more three-wheelers as the quadricycle would serve as a family vehicle, Dr. Kodagoda added.

The council had held several discussions with three-wheelers associations before introducing the new vehicle category and they had endorsed the council's decision, he stressed.

According to the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT), two new classes of vehicles have been introduced following Amendment No.18 of the Motor Traffic Act 2017 and quadricycle is one of them and quadricycles would be added to the driving licence card. Accordingly, ten quadricycles were registered this year.

Megapolis and Western Development Ministry yesterday said it was yet to get the information about the new vehicle category and once it received the necessary information, it would add changes to their megapolis development plan.

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