Namal demands action against boorish behaviour


Joint Opposition MP Namal Rajapaksa yesterday condemned the alleged harassment of a Tamil woman on a Colombo-Jaffna train by a train attendant on Tuesday. He called for necessary action.

The incident which had been recorded by a person on the train was widely circulated in social media. The individual who had recorded the video tweeted: "Train attendant on Colombo-Jaffna train I was on today, sexually and verbally harassed a Tamil woman. He didn’t stop when I stepped in but got more abusive + racist (anti-Tamil) towards me and the woman & tried to hit me. No seniors to complain to on the train."

Rajapaksa had condemned the incident by tweeting "Harassment is harassment, as racism is racism – both have no place in Srilanka. Hoping that authorities take necessary action immediately to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone again.

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